Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DIY: Faux Enameling

This tutorial is just so simple. It's one of those no-brainers that are just so easy to think of that you don't!

To give anything an "enamel" coating, just paint it with nail polish! 
When you paint it onto flat objects, it may be best to keep a piece of aluminum foil underneath your object to prevent it from sticking to things or pulling up stuff (i.e. if you did it over paper).

Image via Dismount Creative

Here are some cool ideas for faux enameling projects...

- Keys!

  • Vintage keys look super cute when painted with the "faux enameling" technique. They make beautiful necklaces or home decor when displayed on beautiful ribbons.
Image via Maize Hutton

  • Home keys can also be "faux enameled" so that you can recognize them easier. I had a lot of those rubber key caps, but there were so many that my keys would always get stuck at weird angles. I removed the key caps and just painted the key tops (if you paint the actual part that sticks in the door, it might not work anymore) with color codes. For example, our laundry room is pastel purple. I painted my key for that door with the same nail polish color and now it's super easy for me to find.

- Jewelry!

Anything with a flat surface or cup looks fabulous with a "faux enamel" finish. Here's some ideas to get your gears running [most are available in the jewelry section of your local craft store]:

Stamping blanks

Bail plates

Bezel pendants

Rings with pads

... even bottle caps or house numbers or drawer pulls!

If you have some jewelry that needs a makeover (I'm thinking old brooches, clip on earrings, etc) then give it fresh, new life with this technique! I actually had a nose screw/ring where the jewel had fallen out and I just put a dot of nail polish in the bezel and voila! Super cute DIY jewelry!

I created a cute set of faux enameled stamping plates from plates that I had left over from another project. I used our wedding colors [teal and yellow] to make mine!

Really, the possibilities are endless! Please share what you end up making!

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