Monday, October 17, 2011

Spotlight: Spencer Tunick

Please be aware that some people may find the images in this post inappropriate for children.

Photographer Spencer Tunick considers himself an installation artist. Installation art is when you transform a space [commonly, a gallery space] to take the viewer to a place they might have never experienced before.

His work is truly amazing when you realize that he has hundreds of people volunteer to strip down in a public place so that he can take a photograph. I suppose you can consider this a temporary "installation" because he is transforming a public place and creating a memory of the experience through photography.

Tunick has been documenting nudes in public for almost 20 years. He has organized over 75 site-specific installations. There are so many people in his photographs that they become a part of the landscape. Take a look:

Tunick at work

You can learn more about Spencer Tunick at his website.

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