Thursday, December 15, 2011

Explanation for the lack of updates...

Hi all!

Okay, I have been TERRIBLE at updating my blog in the past few months!
Grad school has been such a ride this semester, and thank Buddha that it's finally over!!!
I'll be getting back into the blogging swing soon...

I plan on adding some super cool field trips when my hubby and I get back from California in a few weeks... We're going to be visiting a lot of really cool places and I can't wait to share them!

In the meantime, perhaps crafty people such as yourselves have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest... I know I have!!! I've created a ton of new Pinboards dedicated to DIY projects...
So, while you wait for an update on The Daily Telecraft, maybe you can do some stuff in the meantime?

Until next time,
-Katie Bush

1 comment:

  1. looking forward to the new updates :) I maybe calling you about some help on trying to change my blogger template and adding some other stuff. Hope you had a merry Christmas!