Friday, January 27, 2012

Field Trip: Grandma Prysbrey's Bottle Village!

On our trip to Cali last month, we stopped by Grandma Prysbrey's Bottle Village in Simi Valley (about 30 minutes north west from Los Angeles). We found out about it through the Roadside America App, under "Folk Art".

The Bottle Village began construction in 1959, and over a period of 25 years, it grew and grew and grew.
The unfortunate part of the story is that it was closed in 1984 and a 1994 earthquake took its toll on the magical place. Believe it or not, this place is a Historical Landmark in California!

According to Wikipedia...

"In 1956 Tressa "Grandma" Prisbrey and her husband Al Prisbrey purchased one-third of an acre on Cochran Street. In an attempt to permanently "ground" her and her husband Grandma Prisbrey leveled the land, parked her trailer and removed the trailer's wheels and hid them.

Prisbrey's original idea was to build a wall to keep away the smell and dust of the adjacent turkey farm and to simply create a structure where she could store her 17,000 commemorative pencils. They spend all their money paying for the property so she resorted to visiting a local dump where she found thousands of colored bottles. She started with a wall and continued to build until she had constructed 23 buildings and structures made of glass and assorted other materials, a mosaic sidewalk, the Leaning Tower of Bottle Village, the Dolls Head ShrineCleopatra's Bedroom, the Round House, and more. Each building was constructed around a specific theme. As of 2011, there remain three houses fully intact."

It is open to the public by appointment, and since we didn't know that, we just peeked over the fence.
However, it was really a wonderful place to visit, albeit briefly, so you should visit if you can!

You can view the official website of the Bottle Village here.

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  1. Pretty neat! It's a shame you had to make an appointment to get let in :( I checked out the website too and it kind of reminds me of the old lady's house the kids use to play at in the Harriet the Spy movie.