Sunday, March 25, 2012

Art Pool Gallery in St Petersburg, Florida

Rarely will I find a store that is as inspiring as Art Pool Gallery in St. Petersburg. Stores which promote local artists are not a dime a dozen, and ones which include local crafters are always a treat! From the street, the window displays beckon you to come inside.

Art Pool Gallery is a gallery space slash boutique. The boutique is crammed to the brim with beautiful  jewelry by local artists. The gallery is expertly curated, and the many windows in the space allow for the works to be presented in beautiful, natural light. Really, I don't think that you could go through this store without a) being inspired to craft/paint yourself or b) find a piece of vintage clothing that you want to take home with you.

According to the APG website, 20-30 artists are shown at any given time in the gallery space. Out of respect for the artists' works, I refrained from taking photographs of the gallery space. However, there are lots of images of the boutique that I have to share!

Owner Marina Williams
Marina Williams, the store's owner, was kind enough to let me take some photos of her awesome store. The space that she rents includes a large garage and outdoor space. Local artists frequently bring their wares to showcase and sell during Art Pool's many craft shows. More on this in another post!

Deer lady greets you upon your entrance.

The boutique has vintage dresses, shawls, skirts, purses- you name it! The prices are good and the selection is from all decades. I walked away with a vintage pair of Lilly Pulitzer shorts for only $16! Browsing the store seems more like a treasure hunt than anything else!
Hello, deer lady!
Cute little setups like the one above make it hard to decide what to take home!

It's obvious that a lot of love has gone into this store!

The selection of cowboy and cowgirl boots was almost overwhelming!

Kitsch surprises await at every turn!

All of these cases are full of vintage and handmade jewelry

There are literally shelves and shelves of local crafters' wares!

The store also sells trunkfuls of vinyl records!

This cute little setup showcases the menagerie of purses available!

Hands down- if you ever have the opportunity to visit Saint Pete's- you don't want to miss this or one of APG's craft shows! Find out about upcoming events here.

You can learn more about Art Pool Gallery at their website.

They are conveniently located in downtown, St. Petersburg at 2030 Central Avenue, right across from Haslam's Bookstore. Their hours are Tuesday through Saturday from noon-6pm.

They also have a Facebook page! Marina also has an Etsy where she sells vintage clothing. Check it out!

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