Saturday, July 28, 2012

Field Trip: 59 Rivoli

If you love art and everything creative, you have to visit 59 Rivoli next time you are in Paris!
59 Rivoli is home to over 30 different artists' ateliers (studios) and it is one of the most creative buildings I think I have ever been in.

Signs on the street beckon visitors to take a gander

The artists who work in these ateliers come from all over the world to live in Paris and work here, creating art inspired by the city. There is all type of media here- painting, drawing, ceramics, installation art, you name it! On my first visit, there was an artist who created portraits of famous African Americans using nails in wood and a street artist who showed me a recent work he had tagged on the back of a neighboring building. Really, you never know what you're going to see!

Next door to the ateliers is a gallery space, which features work that the artists created in building.

The building is hard to miss when you're walking down Rue de Rivoli, one of the most famous shopping streets in the city. A different artist decorates the exterior for a certain period of time. The first time I visited, the exterior was covered in these bright green pods!

The pods (top right) in the artist's studio

The second time I went, 

There are 6 floors (7 floors in US, but the French don't count the first floor so they just call it 0 and the second floor 1) that you access by walking up a highly decorated stairwell.

"Follow the dragon"

Many of the artists do not allow photographs in their studios, but you can peruse the areas freely. There are five artists per floor, each creating something vastly different from the last. Many artists also sell work right out of their studios, or at least have some small version of their work to sell to make some money. So, bring some cash and support starving artists!

"9 shit artists"
C'est la vérité!
The view of the street from the 6th floor is something you don't want to miss!

Looking down the stairwell from the 6th floor

An artist who told me "I transformed this space. This is my art!"

Learn more about 59 Rivoli at their website.
If you won't be in Paris anytime soon, they have a virtual tour on their website.
Obviously, the studio is located at 59 Rue de Rivoli
Á bientôt!

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