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The Centre Pompidou Metz & Art Around Town: Metz, France

This summer, I spent three months living in Metz, France. Metz is located in the northeast corner of France, near Luxembourg and Germany (each are less than an hour away by car). It's the capital of the region Lorraine, and home to some killer quiche (hence the name of the famous Quiche Lorraine). It's also home to the only satellite museum of the famous Centre Pompidou contemporary art museum in Paris.

The Centre Pompidou Metz is in the most recognizable building in the city. For one, it looks like a giant circus tent. A local told me that they originally built the building to be an expo center, but they turned it into an art museum.

The museum doesn't have a permanent collection, per se, but instead it has three large gallery spaces dedicated to large exhibits. When I visited, 1917 (an exhibit on culture and art made during this year) had just opened. Here's some images:

The ceiling at the Centre Pompidou Metz
Sol Lewitt's Wall Drawings were on display

One of Duchamp's famous R. Mutt urinals were part of the 1917 exhibit

Beautiful doll installation at the elevator

The city has some interesting sights to see, too. For example, a huge Xavier Vielhan (that was featured at the Versailles exhibit he did a few years back) is just sitting in the middle of the square at the Metz Esplanade at Republique (the city center).

Carriage by Xavier Veilhan

This piece of street art was also at the square
The Metz cathedral is one of the most visited tourist sites in the city.

(there's a market in front of the cathedral every Saturday morning)

In the back of the church, there are two stained glass windows designed by Marc Chagall:

 The best photo op in the city is at the bridge on Moyen Point. The church pictured here is a Prodestant church that gets little recognition, but it's worth a visit. The entire exterior trim of the church is done in a bright purple!

Near the Esplanade is an art school. This mural and sculpture are nearby:

And further back from the white sculpture is a Templar's Chapel!

You can peek through the front door and get a glimpse of the stained glass:

To learn more about the city and what it has to offer, visit their tourism page.

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