Friday, July 27, 2012

The Tinguely Museum in Basel/Bâle, Switzerland

The Tinguely Museum in Basel, Switzerland is easily one of the most unique museums I have ever been to. Jean Tinguely was born in Switzerland and moved to this city when he was just a few months old. The museum houses some of his biggest works of art.

Just in front of the museum is Solitude Park. There are sculptures by Tinguely and his wife, Niki de Saint Phalle.

de Saint Phalle's Gwendolyn

A sculpture by Tinguely

A moving sculpture, Tinguely's trademark

A Tinguely fountain- it is always moving and spraying water!

A Tinguely sculpture on the side of the museum
The interior of the museum will bring a smile to your face. Tinguely's specialty was creating art machines. These machines are available for viewing throughout the museum, just push the red button! Not only do Tinguely's sculptures and inventions move, but many of them make noise, too!

An example of a red button that triggers the machine to turn on

This sculpture greets guests when they walk in the museum
And you can walk through the sculpture! (see above)

Can you imagine the experience of being on this sculpture when it was moving?

this XL gnome spun around in a bucket of water!

A room full of Tinguely's moving sculptures
In the same room as the large walk-through sculpture is this little guy:

For a few Euro, you can get a token and a piece of paper. You attach the paper to the clipboard, clip a marker into the machine's hand, and insert the coin. The machine makes a work of art for you! 

A car, Tinguely-designed!
The museum has the original sketches of Tinguely and de Saint Phalle's other famous artworks:

de Saint Phalle's sketch for Stravinsky Fountain

de Saint Phalle's sketch for Stravinsky Fountain

Tinguely's sketch for Le Cylop

de Saint Phalle's sketch for Tarot Gardens in Italy
Here are some awesome GIFs that I created to illustrate some of Tinguely's inventions:

The second floor housed Tinguely's moving paintings

More moving paintings- what a cool idea!

One of the many inventions on the top floor which were super fun to watch!

The ceiling over the gift shop had an intricate machine that spun feathers!
You can learn more about the Tinguely Museum at their website!

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