Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pinterest 101: how to use Pinterest

Pinterest is an easy to use tool to compile inspiration from all over the internet. The best part is that things are all crammed into one website and there are so many people using it that there are always new things! It is so easy to get hooked on this site, especially if you are a crafter, fashionista, or you are planning your wedding or next vacation. Literally, there is everything on this website. Here's a guide to get you started on Pinterest...

Your Pinterest homepage
When you are logged into Pinterest and you go to Pinterest.com, it shows all of the latest pins from all of the boards that you are following.

How to create a Pinboard
To make a Pinboard, you click on the "add" button at the top of Pinterest. Three options will come up...
-Add a Pin
-Upload a Pin
-Create a Board
Obviously, to make a Pinboard, you click on 'Create a Board'. Then you get to give the board a name, choose the category that the board falls under (this helps other Pinners see your pins- more on this later), and add friends to help grow the Pinboard if you so choose. Once you have filled out this information, click 'Create Board' and it will send you to your new board. 

How to Pin to your Pinboards

1. To add pins, you can do a few different things. Remember the options from the 'add' button before? Let's start with those:

If you click on 'Add a Pin', you are choosing to use a website URL (i.e. www.Pinterest.com is a URL, so is www.TheDailyTelecraft.com) so that Pinterest can pull the images from that website and you can choose which one you want to pin.

The down side is that you can only do one at a time. This option is convenient for people who do not want to save images to their computer to upload to Pinterest.

2. The second option from the 'add' button at the top of the Pinterest page is 'Upload a Pin'. You will want to use this option when you have an image saved to your computer. 

Again, this is only one image at a time.

3. Another option is to play around on Pinterest to find pins you want to add to your Pinboard. Here's how to do this:

Go to the Pinterest homepage (either by clicking the Pinterest logo at the top of the screen or by going to www.Pinterest.com).  Hover over 'categories' to find pins relating to specific themes:

A list of categories should drop down. You can choose one of these themes and look at all of the most recent Pinterest pins related to those themes. 

Remember when you made your Pinboard and you had to choose a category to describe it? This is where this becomes handy- Say that I created a 'Weddings' themed Pinboard. I pin an image of a wedding dress onto said Pinboard. That image is automatically updated in a live feed under the 'Weddings' category. So if I pinned this dress and another pinner clicked on 'Weddings' shortly after I pinned my image, she (or he!) will see the image that I pinned under the 'Weddings' category. It is a live feed, meaning that practically everything on the page is new if I hit refresh. Isn't that cool?

4. Pinmarklet
The last way to pin something is by using the Pinmarklet, a tool that Pinterest provides for your web browser's toolbar. To get the Pinmarklet, go here. It is as easy as dragging that little "Pin It" button to your toolbar! Here's a video to clarify:

Once it is in your toolbar, you can pin almost any image from almost any website (I say "almost" because some websites have a block against pinning images). 

This is a handy tool to have because you might see something on a website and want to pin it, but you might not want to pull Pinterest up in a separate browser. Really, the Pinmarklet is for convenience more than anything else.

Here's an example:
Say I am browsing Amazon and I see something, an image or a product, that I like.
I simply click on the Pinmarklet button on my web browser toolbar (mine is the top left one that looks like a pin) and all of the images from that webpage are displayed. I get to choose which one I would like to pin.

oh wow! what a great image! i would love to pin that...

so i click on the pin it button on my toolbar and this is what happens- all of the images from this page are displayed!
Next I would choose the image that I wanted to pin...

hovering over the image, it will say 'pin it'. click it to select the image.
 Once I click the image, this new little page pops up-

Choose the board you want to pin it to, write a description, and click 'Pin It' at the bottom of that little page.

It will say 'Pinning'

And then 'Success!' it will show that it was pinned to your board.

The best part is that you don't necessarily have to 'x' out of that little window, after a few seconds it just closes itself.

...And that, my friends, is enough to get you started on Pinterest. You can have as many Pinboards as you like and you can pin just about anything to them. It is really a unique tool!

Happy Pinning!

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