Saturday, October 20, 2012

Snippets from 1206 Third Street

Albert & Me @ Whimzey Land w/ Todd and Kiaralinda
Hi all!

I have (obviously) been extremely busy since March of this year, hence the unfortunate lack of updates on The Daily Telecraft. As some of you may recall, in March, I took a field trip down to Safety Harbor, Florida to visit Todd and Kiaralinda, aka the Whimzey Twinz.

Since then, I have written, illustrated, and published a book about them called 1206 Third Street! Some of you may have been following my adventures of illustration through The Daily Telecraft.

My book is now available for purchase on Amazon for a mere $10! Check it out here.

& here are some snippets from the book, which is absolutely stunning in its final printed form. Each page was lovingly hand painted, drawn, and created:

I will be presenting this project to my committee on October 31 (yes, Halloween!). Hopefully this will be the last day of my graduate school career (at least for a while). Wish me luck!

-Katie Bush

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