Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pinterest Recreations

The original inspiration by Spell Designs, $420, found via Pinterest

My version, around $20

When I saw the original piece on Pinterest, I knew I found a challenge.

Rarely have I ever worked with leather. I took a spool of leather cord, braided it, glued the ends and secured it with wire. The long pieces of leather each had a crimp on either end, secured with E6000. A jump ring connected this crimp to the wire ends of the braided leather.

In the spaces between the leather braids, jump rings connected gemstone beads to leather wrapped feathers. Three slices of drilled agate in purple, blue, and pink, adorn the piece.

To create each feather, I used a crimp cord on the ends of the feather, sometimes two feathers in one crimp cord. I then used a clamp to help secure the leather and glue to the crimp, wrapping the leather around it, and then crimping and gluing again (very tedious).

My version was about $20, most of that was the cost of the agate.

It took about a week to make this necklace.

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