Art Environments

A few years ago, my husband & I started visiting artists at their homes. While it may seem a bit odd to just drop in on a complete stranger, it isn't. Many of these people have spent a long, long time turning their home into a work of art. This is what constitutes an art environment. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these artists, learning about their homes and their lives, and taking photographs of their creations. I often chronicle these trips on The Daily Telecraft. Here is an easily navigable list that links directly to the environment. I hope that you, too, may one day visit these places and be inspired.

Carol Sackman and Blake White's
Turquoise Mayan Dream
in Dunedin, Florida

Raymond Isidore's
Maison Picassiette
in Chartres, France

Aldo Gandini's
The Gandini Mosaic House
in Montrouge (South Paris Suburb), France

Isidre Castells'
Catalunya en Petit
in Barcelona, Spain

Todd Ramquist and Kiaralinda's
in Safety Harbor (Tampa), Florida

Joe Brown's
Hong Kong Willie's
in Tampa, Florida

Simon Rodia's
Watts Towers
in Watts (Los Angeles), California

Tressa Prysbrey's
Grandma Prysbrey's Bottle Village
in Simi Valley (North of Los Angeles), California