the art house

We moved to our newest digs in summer of 2011. Almost immediately, I went to work on transforming our new place into an art environment. Because of all of our "field trips" to visit other artists all around the world, I was inspired to personalize my place, too. Over time, we began calling it "Chez Chat"- The Cat's Place.

Less than a month after we moved in, I taught myself how to mosaic and created some killer accents on the steps leading up to our house. I documented the whole process on The Daily Telecraft so others could attempt what I did, too.

Over the next year, I added birdhouses, gnomes, random pieces of art. Feeble attempts at knit bombing covered our columns but have since been removed and repurposed and will cover the telephone pole shortly.

As an art environment, this is certainly a fledgling, but art is such a large part of my life that this organism will come alive over time.

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